Wellington Wines

Our wines are born on the shoulders of giants.  Since 2013, Wellington Wines became the impressive blend and celebration of their three predecessors.

The rich history of three exceptional wineries paved the way for the birth of Wellington Wines.  The beautiful heritage of Bovlei Winery, Wamakersvallei Winery and Wellington Co-operative Winery ultimately blended into the success story of Wellington Wines.

After the establishment of “Wellington Co-operative Winery” in 1906, the declaration of the “Bovlei Co-operative Winery” in 1907 and the founding of “Wamakersvallei Wines” in 1941, the accomplishments and passion with which these three wineries nourished the growth of the Wellington wine industry, ultimately became the pillars on which Wellington Wines can now base their excellence.  Our wines are born from years of combined history and experience in the wine industry.

Today Wellington Wines can compete in the international arena and produces wines of world class quality because we can build on the proper foundation of our exceptional founders.

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