Jakkalsvlei is situated 40km inland from the Indian Ocean next to the Langeberg Mountains. Our climate is warm and dry during the summer with the ocean cooling it down during the night. Our annual rainfall is 400mm, slightly higher than the average for this area due to the fact that the farm is situated next to the mountains, that makes it easier for the south east rain clouds to gather up next to the mountain range. The vines are planted in different soil types, clay, shale and sandstone. The northern and southern slopes on the farm gives us more options to plant different cultivars.

At Jakkalsvlei we have 13 different cultivars, mostly used for bottling. Our Jakkalsvlei range is focused on high quality fruit driven wines and also produces a premium exclusive range called Lord Jackal in limited quantities.

Jakkalsvlei continues to be one of the Garden Route’s most popular destinations. For first-time visitors, it’s usually love at first sight after experiencing the breathtaking vineyard and mountain views that the farm has to offer. We hope that you and your family feel the same.