Cape Town Gin


In 2016 the Cape Town Gin Brand was launched and it is today one of the leading premium South African Gins. Cape Town Gin is a proudly South African gin, distilled and bottled locally, with a distinctly South African flavor and celebrate the vibrant diversity of Cape Town. These handcrafted Gins are available in three styles: Classic Dry (best served in a classic dry Martini), Rooibos Red (delicious even as a Sippin’ Gin) and The Pink Lady (great for sundowners).


The Hidden Door Cape Town Gin Tasting Room is situated in the heart of old Cape Town. The Heritage square building dates back to the 18th century and currently has a hotel, 3 restaurants and of course a Gin tasting room. Situated on the corner of Bree and Shortmarket Streets, it is literally a secret to discover. Open on weekdays from 11am – 6pm and on Saturdays by appointment.


Although there have been claims that gin was first produced in Italy, the earliest confirmed recording of commercial production of Gin is in the early 17th century in Holland. Here, it was produced as a medicine and sold in chemists to treat a number of maladies. To make it more palatable, the Dutch began to infuse the alcohol with juniper, which had medicinal properties of its own.

British troops fighting in the Low Countries during the Thirty Years’ War, had their fair share of the warming spirit too, for a shot of ‘Dutch Courage.’ Eventually the soldiers caught on and brought it back home with them – where it was already available in chemists’ shops – but this time to enjoy as a drinking spirit, rather than a cure-all tonic. Before the troops brought Gin back home, small-scale distillation was already underway – however, its popularity meant that Gin became one of Britain’s favourite tipples.

Gin first appeared in Cape Town in the 17th century as a spirit called Jenever onboard Dutch ships en route to the East and is today once again a very popular drink.