Wellington Wines

Born to live a great story

We are all connected by a force, crossing valleys and mountains. Right now. Right here.
This is what we were born to do.
This is where we want to be.
This is where we script narratives that inspire all to live their own great story.
Welcome to Wellington Wines.
Let a great story continue.

Within the Wellington Wines portfolio, you will find brands through which great stories continue. Find your fit, and let your great story continue.


Freedom gives us the opportunity and confidence to express ourselves.  It allows the imagination to flourish with optimism and playfulness.
It is this energy that illuminates every room that you walk into – everybody can sense your positive energy.  Without even one word being said.
Some of us were born to perform.
Some of us were born to leave an Imprint.
Perform. Live your story.  Leave your Imprint  


Duke of Wellington

These wines are wines with big personalities, all born in the detail. Numbers makes for easy consumer reference and tells a story about Wellington Wines, and the wine.

No. 1 – The Pinotage, a wine born in detail, always striving for progress is a truly authentic South African cultivar
No. 2 – A Chenin Blanc, the cornerstone of the South African wine industry and a focus wine for Wellington Wines. Unique identity carves a path towards success. Continue a story of authenticity.
No. 8 – A lucky number to many, is our Merlot.  Distinctiveness makes a lasting first impression.
No. 5 – Is where true originality is defined on its own terms.  Start a great story with a white Pinotage.
No. 18 – This is a  complex Cabernet Sauvignon. Boldness is the courage to rethink.
No. 33 – A fruity Sauvignon Blanc from Wellington’s  terroir…proof that curiosity leads with an authentic mind.

Where can you find Wellington Wines: -33.6348427,18.9904851

Select your number.  Live the detail of your story.